Weekly Book Recommendation

This is a weekly series where I recommend a new book each week.

While there won’t be a consistent theme behind my weekly picks, I hope you’ll find something that interests you!

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Reading during the summertime is sublime

As the sun bathes the world in golden rays, there is a sense of enchantment (and heat) that permeates the air. Whether reclining on a sun-dappled porch, seeking refuge beneath the shade of a leafy tree, or finding respite in the cool embrace of a coffee shop, the beauty of reading truly shines. With every page turned, I find myself immersed in narratives that transport me to far-off lands. Further, these narratives help remind me of the whimsical energy that I felt when going on summer break as a kid.

After all, nothing beat that feeling of leaving school for the last time of the year!

With these Summer feelings in mind, I wanted to create a weekly list where I highlight a book that captures these the Summer vibe.

This week’s recommendation is an from one of my favorite authors, Yukio Mishima.

Weekly Book Recommendation – July 25, 2023

1. The Sound of Waves – Yukio Mishima

The Sound of Waves, Yukio Mishima

‘The Sound of Waves’ is an immensely compelling and satisfying story about young love. The feelings that are presented in this novel are timeless ones, ones which we’ve all felt in one way or another. While the themes in this book aren’t world shattering, they don’t try to be! And personally, this simplicity actually adds to my reasoning for why it’s a perfect book for the Summer.

If you’re looking for an easy to read, romance book, look no further. ‘The Sound of Waves’ would be the perfect option for you!

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