Dune remains one of the quintessential Science Fiction Novels

Even nearly fifty-five years after its release, Franz Herbert’s 1965 science fiction epic Dune has proven its ability to withstand the tests of time. Dune‘s themes have greatly inspired countless science fiction writers and their stories.

Franz Herbert’s 1965 science fiction epic, Dune
Franz Herbert’s 1965 science fiction epic, Dune

What made Dune so special?

Rather than focusing on many of the tropes that’ve plagued Science Fiction novels, Dune was more interested in looking at human’s and their decisions. Herbert wanted to create a universe that was similar to the one we live in.

One of the more prominent themes in Dune is environmentalism. After all, Dune is set on a distant planet where overcrowding has caused a shortage of its resources… Sound familiar? Herbert hoped to inspire people to support environmental movements to save the Earth. Dune has been cited as the “first planetary ecology novel on a grand scale”. 

Another of Dune’s primary focuses is around empires. No matter how successful an empire may seem on the surface, greed and inequality are inherent qualities that perpetually plague them. Without going any further to avoid spoilers, Herbert makes it clear that he believes all empires past and present will ultimately face a similar fate.

You need to read Dune ASAP!

After all, with a blockbuster adaptation of the novel releasing soon, it’s the perfect time to see for yourself what the hype is all about. When the adaptation was first announced, I (like many Dune fans) was apprehensive. We’ve seen how difficult the source material is to transition from book format. But as soon as Denis Villeneuve was announced as the director, my fears subsided. I knew the project was in as good of hands as possible. You can watch the trailer for the upcoming book here!

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