A Bright Ray of Darkness – Ethan Hawke’s best Novel yet

Ethan Hawke has proven yet again that acting isn’t the only thing he can do.

With his most recent book, The Bright Ray of Darkness, it’s abundantly clear that Hawke is a more than capable author. Perhaps more importantly, Hawke shows he reached a level of self-reflection not usually attained by most. While the story itself (which is essentially a self-biography) isn’t relatable to the layman, the internal issues Hawke grapples with are within many of us.

A Bright Ray of Darkness by Ethan Hawke
A Bright Ray of Darkness

Hawke completely surpassed my expectations with his most recent novel, A Bright Ray of Darkness. Arguably my favorite part about this book is Hawke’s ability to preform self-reflection. In a story that’s almost identifiable as a memoir, he shows that he can be critical about his past decisions and the life he has lived.

This book truly feels as if it’s an earnest attempt of self-reflection by Hawke. He’s unafraid of who he is. He’s willing to pull back the curtains of his life and of his past mistakes. Through A Bright Ray of Darkness, it feels as if Hawke has finally come to terms with the person he used to be. He’s finally able to see past the mistakes he made and the toxic pitfalls that were surrounding him in every facet of his life at the time. It’s almost as if Hawke is at the point where he bitterly disagrees with the idea of stardom and fame. He makes it clear that he despises the pedestal he and his colleagues have been given.

All in all, A Bright Ray of Darkness made it clear that Hawke is a very talented person. His craft has only gotten better as he’s aged.

Not only that, but as Ethan Hawke himself put it in an interview from 2008, “the older you get, the humbler you get”.

You can buy a copy of A Bright Ray of Darkness here.

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